Monday, April 20, 2009

4 months

Jack naps with Cornelia and Dutch after a long day of play
Time has really flown! Jack is growing so fast and continues to amuse the Moonsong pack. He is very sweet and outgoing. He is doing well on housetraining and is picking up obedience training quickly and does well on leash. He gets to come to work with me every day and I use him to interview dogs for our doggie daycare. He loves making new friends and has spent a couple weeks with a local 4H family to get socialization with children.
You can see more pics of Jack with his Moonsong 'siblings' at
Jack likes to carry his bowl around after eating- please, sir, can I have some more?
Looking handsome sitting in the yard
He is growing fast
A younger Jack playing in the last snow of the year
Snow is fun
Playing Frisbee with Faethe
12 weeks old- nice stand
Checking out his cousin Watson

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome to the family!

Sugar River JackJumper Song has joined the Moonsong pack. While I may place him in a show/breeding home in the future, for now he is settling in and enjoying the Deadliest Catch puppies that are still here. Jack is a very gregarious, outgoing puppy and I hope he matures to be like his dad and his mom, who are both wonderful dogs. You can see his breeder's blog at
Bandit and Cornelia welcome Jack to the family
Jack chases Cornelia through the field. He really loves Cornelia!
The adult Moonsong pack members
Chili prepares for a take down. She treats Jack like one of her own puppies, who are just a few days younger than Jack.
Jack is a big pup- here he is lumbering through the fields after a long play day. He is very pooped out but wants to keep on going.
Jack in the woods
exploring a nice log
The grass is very wet and Jack is not in the mood for wet feet
mmmm, stick, yummy
The closest thing to a standing photo I have been able to get in 2 weeks...he does not stand still!
This is what he is usually doing
Nursing off of Chili with Cornelia and Dawn. Why not?
Chasing after Jiggles
Playing with Alsea
Playing with a nice squeeky toy
Sharing with Faethe